Innovative Ideas for Wall Decoration

When you decorate your wall, it makes the entire house look different. Fill in the empty walls with latest design hacks and make your home look different and vintage. Ready to turn your wall into a stylish centerpiece? Here are some of the ideas that we have that will give your walls the look of a vintage and latest fashion.

Living Room Wall of Inspiration Designs

Wall Art Paintings for living room

large painting decor

An oversized painting or photograph will create a vibrant look to your living room. You can try a black and white photo in that space and then add vibrant colors as an abstract piece. This is considered as modern art and so, it looks royal and elegant at the wall of living room.

DIY mirror decorating ideas

mirror decor

A mirror hanging at the living room wall gives the interiors an architectural look. Mirrors reflects light and this makes small places look bigger and brighter. An oversized mirror hanging can also look great and many small sized mirrors also look great. This gives the house a brighter and fresh look.

Hanging Plate Wall

hand-printed plates decor

This is the latest Italian trend. Hand-printed plates hanging on the walls give it a complete designer look. Some antique porcelain plates with different hand-printed designs makes your living room wall look unique and interesting. Instead of hiding your porcelain plates in your shelves, display them on the wall and create a unique Italian look at home.

Ceramic Wall Tile

Floral wall tile

Some floral ceramic wall tiles give your house a rusty and sophisticated. You can go for a high quality floral white texture tiles for your walls. Ceramic are safer and eco-friendly material and can be used anywhere at home. You can know more about ceramic in this article.

You can use them for your living room as a white tiled wall, in bathroom tiles and also on the floor. As they may crack early on floor, it is recommended to use them on the walls. We, Templeton General, also are wall and tile company and a variety of floral wall tiles for you.

Weaved Texture Designs for Walls

weaved cloth display

Those vintage wall hangings have had a grand come back. The weaving add texture gives your living room a warm antique look and you can easily get them anywhere or make it yourself.

Select one of the five living room wall d├ęcor ideas and change the way your home looks. There are several other ideas you can think of like having a huge textured wall painting that is temporary and you can remove it after a certain amount of time, you can have plants hanging on the wall which will give your home a fresh look but, you will have to take care of it all the time, You can have an over-sized calendar with sticky notes and have interesting write ups there, you can also create a basket wall with lots of baskets hanging on the wall or hats hanging which will give vintage look to the room.

The above-mentioned 5 changes are for long term and the other ideas are for shorter term or temporary hacks.

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