What Is Ceramic Cookware

What is Ceramic?

Ceramic is originally an inorganic non-metallic solid material used for daily lifestyle. They have metal or non-metal components that have been shaped and hardened by high temperature heating. Ceramics have clay-based, high-performance properties of high-strength, high durability and high toughness.

Ceramic vs Nonstick vs Stainless Cookwares


When we talk about nonstick cookware, it comes in both Teflon and Ceramic materials. Generally, Teflon coating is considered to have toxic chemicals and may cause harm to an individual’s health. Whereas, Ceramic Non-stick cookware comes without toxic chemicals. This is because, in ceramic cookware, the coating is created with ceramic polymer which consists of silicon and oxygen.

Stainless steel cookware compared to the above two is a completely different product. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and are very safe. They are highly priced and you can safely use oil on these and it also protects your food from burning.

Out of the 3 especially ceramic vs stainless steel and nonstick vs stainless steel and ceramic vs nonstick cookware, Ceramic one’s are the most preferred one.

Is ceramic cookware safe?

Ceramic cookware is 100% safe, toxin free and environmentally friendly. It is one of the healthiest, green and safest cookware. Also, all the ceramic cookware are safest ceramic cookware.

There are several things made of ceramic like tiles, cookware, bricks, toilets, and many more things. We are experts in preparing ceramic spoons. We make it with precision to have it delicate and attractive. These spoons are generally used for serving in special occasions.

Ceramic Spoons


We have different measures of spoons like small and large. Small one’s are used in the dinning for eating the food and the large one’s are used for serving it.

At Templeton General, you get a variety of Ceramic spoons in terms of the looks. We have vibrantly hand-painted and uniquely different spoons. You can also gift a set of these spoons from gift set section. These spoons multiplies the look of your dinner dine. The small spoons are minimalistic and comes with pure glaze and rustic clay.

They magnifies your home décor look in your kitchen or your dinning table. We offer multiple color choices for the one that will suit the best for your home décor. These are dishwasher safe green spoons, free of chemicals and natural finish. For hand cleaning your ceramic spoons, you can simply use dish soap on it.

Our spoons are even microwave and oven safe too. This means, you can use these spoons in your microwave oven too. It perfectly serves up dips, sauces, salsas chutneys, jams, and more such appetizers and stuff.

We have free standard shipping for orders above $25. You can also purchase gift cards starting from $50 to $500. These will be redeemable in a year’s time. You can also wrap a gift set of ceramic spoons, kitchen towels and many more.

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